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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I sign up for the free trial?The free trial is automatically activated when you create your first roster.
  • What happens at the end of the free trial?We'll send you an email to let you know your trial is about to expire. If you want to continue on with all of the features, just purchase an extension for the rosters you'd like to keep. If not, you can downgrade to the free plan or delete your data.
  • Can I transfer my data to a paid account at the end of the free trial?Yes! Just purchase an extension and we'll upgrade your trial account.
  • Does the free trial include support?Yes! Our support team is here to help you and your staff via live chat, Whatsapp, email and telephone.
  • Can I extend my access before the end of the free trial?Yes! You can extend your access and upgrade at any time. The extension you purchase will be added on to the end of the free trial, so you won't lose anything by upgrading early.
  • Can my staff log in during the free trial?Yes! Your staff can log in and use all of the features of the system during the free trial.
  • Does the free trial include the time clock?Yes! The time clock station and all other time clock functionality is fully operational during the free trial.
  • Does the free trial include access to the mobile apps?Yes! The mobile apps for Android and iOS work without any restrictions on all trial accounts.
  • Is my data deleted at the end of the free trial?No. We don't delete your data automatically, as you may want to upgrade in the future. If you want to delete your data then you can do this at any time in the "Settings" menu of your roster.
  • Can I delete my trial data?Yes! You can delete your data at any time from the "Settings" menu of your roster.
  • Can I export my data during the free trial?Yes! You can always export your data from Findmyshift.

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